Thomas B. McComb had a vision, the people who had moved into the community of Elmont needed a church. He had already started several churches in the northern part of the Texas and knew what it would take to make such a church succeed. His vision would lead to a lighthouse for Christ being planted in Elmont that still shines today: Elmont Baptist Church.

In 1869, the church began. It was originally named New Home Baptist Church, and one and one half acres of land was purchased from Joseph and Mary Jackson for a building site for thirty dollars. The name was changed to Elmont Baptist Church, and Rev. McComb became the first pastor. He served for 25 years until his retirement in 1894. A permanent building was not built until 1888 when the church dispatched seven wagons to Jefferson, Texas to buy lumber for the construction. The group lead by John Bowen took six weeks to make the round trip journey. When the lumber arrived the members of the congregation pitched in and did the construction. This building served as the place of worship until 1949, when a new church building was constructed.

Preaching was monthly until the 1920′s when it went to half time (twice a month). In 1945 Elmont called their first full time pastor, Rev. Ed Neill.

In the early 1900′s a tabernacle was erected where the later church building would stand, and was used for summer worship services and revival meetings. These revival meetings often lasted two weeks, and people would come from miles away to worship.

In 1986, the church bought over seven acres of land across FM 121 for future expansion. In 2004 construction began on a new worship center and education facility. Construction was completed in September 2006, and the church moved into their new facility on the second Sunday of that month.

In November of 2009, Mark Fletcher was called to serve as Lead Pastor. Through prayer and God’s kindness, a spirit of revival along with incredible growth and excitement have become reality at Elmont. Our prayer is to always seek to do God’s best in bringing glory to Him by making disciples.


Thomas B. McComb

John Lawhorn

George Airehart

Bro. Oxidine

J.K. Polk" Williams

Johnny Miller

J.F. Seagraves

Bro. Freeman

E.A. Wesson

Jimmy Hunt

T.E. Carter

C.P. Lumpkin

J.D. Harling

T.E. Cole

E.M. Atherton

Bro. Russell

Ed Neill

A.C. Donath

R.E. Prince

T.W. Smith

Howard Bryant

Willie Gilbert

R.L. Stanley

Bro. Clark

James Cameron

Joe Griffin

Lewis Lee

Clifton Igo

Bruce Cushman

Dan Davis

Wayne R. Williams

G.W. Neiderhoffer

Ralph White

Robert Smith

Bob Milligan

Rodney Cook

Mike Tignor

Gene Norman

Rob Prevost

Jim Poole

Mark Streetman

Don Garner

Jim Poole

Mark Fletcher